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July 2015

People of all ages have memory lapses, but they become more frequent as we age: Recognizing a face but being unable to recall the name. Blanking on a familiar word. Walking into a room and wondering what we were seeking. There are various ways to aid memory, and one of them is charitable: By funding an endowment with your favorite organization (such as this one).

An endowment is not only a window for reviewing how our organization touched your life, but it also enables those who follow you to be reminded of what you experienced and accomplished. Your endowment would typically be named for you as the donor, though it could also honor the memory of a loved one. The income from the endowment is used for a purpose that is meaningful to you and which may recall your past experiences.

Consider these examples:

  • A man received a scholarship that enabled him to stay in college. Endowing a scholarship at his alma mater is his way of giving back and of remembering four great years.
  • A woman spent many happy hours tramping over a forest preserve. Each time she receives a report about her endowment for the care of that wilderness, she recalls her favorite trails.
  • A couple regularly attended the local symphony orchestra. An endowment to ensure its continuance causes them to relive memorable performances.

You, no doubt, have similar memories of experiences with our organization, and a named endowment can be your memory aid.

This memory aid also becomes a memory chain. If it is established during your lifetime, it triggers your personal memories. Whether you create it during your life or at the end of your life, it causes income recipients to remember what you accomplished and it enables them to create their own new memories. In other words, you are linked by this memory chain with generations that follow you.

You may establish an endowment during your life with an outright gift of various assets or through a plan that pays you income for the balance of your life. You may also establish it through a bequest or by naming our organization as beneficiary of life insurance, a retirement fund, or an investment account. For more information about establishing an endowment, please contact us today.

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