Thank You from the Kretzmann Society Chair

Andy Meyer ’95

Growing up I was taught to be generous with the gifts I have been given and to help others when and how I could. My experiences on the Valparaiso University campus and in the classroom and student organizations, as well as the relationships that I developed with faculty in the College of Engineering and elsewhere, all gave me a unique perspective of who I was and what I was capable of. My days as a Valpo student prepared me for a rewarding career and life of service and helped shape who I am today. 

As I was experiencing success in my career and personal life, I knew I wanted to “give back” to the people and places that had helped me along the way. I became more involved as an alumnus of Valpo by joining the National Council for the College of Engineering. I have really enjoyed my renewed involvement with the faculty and staff of the University. It has helped me feel part of something larger than myself while giving back to an institution that was instrumental in preparing me for life beyond campus borders. 

I started making annual gifts when I could and also realized I wanted to maximize the impact of my gifts and started researching how best to do that. I learned the importance of endowments and even started a small endowed fund for my Lutheran high school. With some guidance from financial advisors, I developed a plan that included converting a life insurance policy and creating an estate plan that allowed me to provide a legacy gift to Valpo. The planned gift will ensure I am taking care of Valpo’s future, as well as the future of my family, without sacrificing either one. While it may be quite some time before Valpo sees the direct proceeds from my gift, I know it will help to ensure the future of Valparaiso University and its long-term success. With this future commitment, I am proud to join hundreds of other Valpo alumni and friends as a member of the Kretzmann Society.

I’m humbled to serve as the chair of this important group and encourage you to consider making a future gift to Valpo. Know that there are many different options that can be tailored to your needs and desires. If you have done so already, thank you! I appreciate your dedication and thoughtful support. Because of you, many generations of future students will continue to come to campus to study, learn, and discover themselves through the experiences only Valpo can provide.

Thank you for supporting the mission of Valparaiso University!

Andrew Meyer ’95
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