Rudys Give Back to Where It All Started

Liz Schulz ’80 and John Rudy ’81
Liz Schulz ’80 and John Rudy ’81

Liz Schulz ’80 and John Rudy ’81 are a true Valparaiso University couple. The two business majors met in choir practice in the Chapel of the Resurrection and were married shortly after graduation. Although Liz considered other colleges, she fell in love with Valpo once she arrived on campus. John had family connections, including his late uncle, Fredrick H. Telschow ’51, DMA, who was the music department chair while John and Liz attended.

“Valpo greatly impacted our lives and laid the foundation of a good life,” John says. “It is an extraordinary place where faith-based learning prepared us both to be leaders in our community. We will be forever grateful.” John and Liz remain connected to Valpo in many ways, including through their philanthropy. The Rudys have included the University in their estate plan by naming Valpo as a beneficiary. “Valpo was such a wonderful experience, and we want others to have the same opportunities we had on campus,” they say. “Our endowed scholarship fund will, hopefully, allow students to be more well-rounded through their participation in the arts.” Their gift will provide opportunities for non-music majors with a passion for music to attend Valpo.

The life lessons they learned at Valpo carried through to every aspect of their lives — from their careers to volunteering to raising their son Nick. “Valpo provided us with a unique experience not offered by other universities,” John says. “We could both major in business and be involved in theater and music; it was more than just academics. Music helped round out our experiences at Valpo and started our love story.” They say their shared experiences make their estate gift much more special and easier to make a priority. Valpo is always at the top of their minds for philanthropic giving. They believe Valpo students are unique young adults who embrace faith-based learning and that Valpo develops the whole person. John and Liz encourage others to consider the legacies they could leave to support future students and to look back at what Valpo gave them: the friends, the experiences, a robust faith-based education, and well-honed skills in an environment that encouraged and nurtured core values.


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